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Workman's Comp Insurance Insurance Explained

Workman's comp insurance offers health coverage and income benefits to your employees in the event that they are ever injured on the job. In return for providing workers' compensation insurance, employees will waive their right to sue you, the employer, for any damages caused by a work-related injury. Requirement for employers regarding the purchase and level of coverage for workers' compensation insurance policies varies by state, so doing your research can be invaluable when acquiring this type of coverage. Our service will connect you to workers' compensation insurance professionals who can provide all the necessary information you need to make an informed decision.

Workman's Comp Insurance Requirements

In addition to the varying legal requirements by state, workman's compensation insurance policies can take many different forms and offer numerous types of coverage. For example, a policy can be stuctured in the form of weekly payments in place of employee wages, much like a disability insurance policy. It may also offer death benefits for employees who are killed duing the course of their job, acting as life insurance. Finally, it may offer medical coverage for employees who are injured on the job, similar to an individual health insurance plan.

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